As emergency medicine progresses each passing year, we at Jefferson County Emergency Medical Service feel it is our duty to the residents of Jefferson County and to each patient with whom we may come in contact with, to progress as well. Since Emergency Medical Services were first developed in the 1970’s, advancing technology has enabled EMS to rise to new levels. We feel it is our responsibility to answer the call, rise to new challenges and advance our level of care to new heights.

We believe we can accomplish this by becoming one of the most advanced providers of emergency services in the region offering continuous coverage to all areas of the county. We also believe in providing our paramedics with some of the most advanced in house training and custom tailored protocols in the state of Tennessee in order for them to treat any sik or injured person no matter what the circumstance.

JCEMS employs some of the most highly trained EMTs and paramedics in the area. However, we feel as time moves forward we need to strive to advance each employee with the most up to date training available to ensure that each call is answered with confidence and latest technology.

JCEMS strives to provide prompt response times to those in need of emergency care by working closely with local fire departments, first responder agencies and operating substations throughout the county. As the county population continues to grow,  we will meet the challenge when time matters most to care for those in need. We will act with professionalism and treat each patient with the compassion they deserve.