Led by Director Brad Phillips, the Jefferson County EMS/EMA serves a geographic area of 314 square miles and a population of more than 54,000 residents. With over 75 employees divided into Emergency Operations, Planning, Training and Administration and answers more than 12,000 calls a year.

EMS Operations Division primarily provides pre-hospital treatment and transportation to the critically sick and injured. It also provides non-emergency and convalescent transports. The service provides medical support for fire departments during fire and hazmat operations and law enforcement during SORT team operations. JCEMS also has a dedicated team of paramedics that provide first aid at large community events. JCEMS has 4 stations and 7 Advanced Life Support Units placed throughout the county and uses system status management to ensure a rapid response to any emergency. Our 45 full time career paramedics and 30 part time EMTs/paramedics are highly dedicated to provide the highest  quality of service to Jefferson County residents.

EMA Planning Division works closely with TEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to mitigate the potential effects of the various hazards that might impact the county, to respond effectively to the needs of its residents and local municipalities and prepare and assist in a rapid recovery. The EMA Division reviews the efficiency of emergency action plans from many departments throughout the county. EMA Deputy Director, Tim Wilder, prepares county wide disaster drills which prepares the county departments for a variety of emergencies. This division prepares and oversees the implementation of hazardous mitigation and homeland security grants. The EMA division has 5 full time employees with a deputy director on duty 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies. The office has a variety of specialized units that can be deployed to assist in these efforts. The department has 2 rapid response vehicles, a mobile mass casualty incident unit, a rehabilitation unite and a mobile emergency communication center. The EMA Planning Division continues to prepare its services and residents for the unexpected. Jefferson County Education and Training Center offers a wide variety of classes to its employees, the community and other health care providers.

The training center is accredited by The American Heart Association and is certified as a community training center. The training center offers community CPR, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, Basic and Advanced Trauma Life Support. Education Coordinator, Mark Potts, is responsible for employee education. Jefferson County employees are provided education that meets and exceeds state standards. The training center offers Emergency Medical Responder classes to the local fire departments that have First Responder programs taught by Deputy Director Rodney Satterfield. Paramedics at Jefferson County EMS work with Walter State Community College as preceptors for the paramedic students.